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Saturday, January 12, 2008


Today I worked with Jade Duckett on a film he's making as part of the Filmpool's 60 Second Cinema workshops. I agreed to be Jade's mentor for his film before Christmas but this was our first chance to shoot. We met earlier in the week and discussed his story. He went away with a shot list It is about the mundane, simple images in a house, but is interrupted by an inexplicable fight scene. Last night Jade called to say that his cast had dropped out on him so he was going to play the fighters himself so he needed my help. I got thinking about setting up a simple blue or green screen for a few simple shots such as his arm swinging into the shot to hit himself, but on set today I realized he'd be shooting black and white film, so "blue" screens would not be practical. We gave it a try with his arm in white sleeve swinging against a black background and black sleeved arm against white, but we'll have to wait and see. The camera jammed once so we had to re-shoot the fight master, a precarious slit screen shot (we didn't have a heavy enough tripod to make me feel secure about this, especially since the camera needed to be physically wound between shots). At the end he told me they were to edit with I-Movie rather than Final Cut Pro. We'll cross that bridge next week when we come to it.

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