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Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Very cold here today, about -52 degrees. William spent his first lunch at school, he didn't really enjoy it. He usually has either a hot lunch (grilled cheese, macaroni, soup, etc) or peanut butter. None of these choices are available to him at school. Besides that, he seems to have been seated at the back with no companion, and on top of it all, no Lego. We thought he might do better without the trip through the cold, but now I'm doubting it.
I got back to my silkscreen-style videos today, working out a 9 colour Leesa Streifler that I'm pretty pleased with. I also met with Mauricio about his courses towards his MFA and afterwards asked him about Dreamweaver. He gave me some start up pointers that I've begun to play with. June and I did an MSN test for the class I'll teach in St. John tomorrow, I'd better dig out my notes. I finished the Nero Wolfe novel "Over My Dead Body" today, it seemed very close to the tv adaptation until the last couple chapters (unless I fell asleep during that portion of the show when I saw it).Publish Post

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