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Wednesday, January 16, 2008


We had a meeting with Elder Ken and Elder Betty today and showed the work in progress of the conference video. It went very well. To be truthful, the amount of material is so overwhelming that it really is hard to digest it and comment, other than on the fact that it is overwhelming. The video is sitting at 2.5 hours of continuous talking with one relevant idea on the heals of the next. There is some repetition, which I will now try to cut out, but the real challenge will be to create a pacing that makes it watchable.
Margaret found me new cushions for the wooden chairs in the office, makes a world of difference. Due to the office move and the two computers on the same desk, the large office chair I've been using no longer fits.
I just noticed a number error on my posts that I have corrected. It seems that today is the 200th consecutive day I've posted on this. I began a few days before my sabbatical began because I assumed it would take a few days to figure out how this all works. It ended up being quite easy and I posted the first time on that very day, back in June. It's been a fun cross to bear.

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