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Monday, January 28, 2008


I got 9 rolls of super-8 film back from the lab, including 4 rolls that Margaret shot of the harvest for me back in September. I seem to have been shooting with a lot of grey skies, so I'm not as excited as I hoped to be about all the footage. However, there are certainly some high points. Margaret got the grain being augured into the bins, flowing like liquid, the exact stuff I was needing for "Grain". I'll be optically printing some of this stuff. Speaking of super-8, my film "A Spin In Turtle Park (after John Porter's Cinfuge)" (yes, my longest title ever) will be playing in Calgary at the $100 Film Festival in mid-March. I'll be running the original super-8 film (not on video) and might modify the soundtrack if I can think of what to do with it (I've never been completely happy with the sound). It's supposed to be -50 tomorrow and I agreed to go to work for a meeting that I could have put off to the end of the week, ayiiiiii!.
I had an appointment with my eye doctor today. He said he was amazed at how well I could see, and that my bad eye has improved on some levels. He order me in some new lenses and he's talking about reading glasses as well to make final corrections for close up vision while my lenses are in. Only after I left did I realize what he'd actually told me which, obviously, is not what I want. I want something to help me read in bed before I go to sleep when the light is dim and I'm straining, not for a minor adjustment during the day when I'm wearing my eyes and have near perfect vision anyways (except for all the f@*#%ing vignetting that goes on). Those are not ordered, so I'll talk to him in a couple of weeks when the lenses arrive.

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