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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Latke Party 2012

We just got back from another wonderful Latke party hosted by Daryle and our old friends Penny and Steve (pictured here peeling potatoes). We missed last year but were there two years ago. Lots of great people and conversations. Risa Horowitz was there for the first time and of course Leesa, Kennith and Daniel, Brett, Hildy and three of their kids, Anne Kipling Brown, and many others. The centre of attention is always the potato latke pancakes which were crispy and oily and wonderful. Served perfectly with one or more of the three different apple sauces, I think at least two of them were home made. The sour cream was plentiful although it isn't my thing, but I did mix a bit of maple syrup in on top of my last one and that made it extra special.

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Horowitz said...

mmmmm latkes .........