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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fence fixed - finally after two years!!

My fence between my yard and Dave's next door has been decaying steadily since it was built 12 years ago (Dave moved in 11 years ago). We fixed one panel of it two years ago, but then time and weather got in the way and it sat unfinished for a long time. I had hoped to finish it before having people over for Geremy's camera obscura, but that didn't happen. The storm a few days ago blew another section of it over, embarrassing me enough to dive into it today. William and I worked on all of the 2x4 horizontal pieces (requiring the purchase of a new level and the deciphering of the chop saw instructions so that the wobbling blade could be tightened) and after supper Dave and I cut and nailed up all of the vertical pickets. Good fence and a good neighbour. 

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