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Friday, July 12, 2013

Vacation 9 - antiques in Portland and the voyage home

William playing pinball
Our last day of the trip. William and I had a going-away round or two on Thomas's pinball machine as we packed up all our stuff for the journey home.

panorama of Portland airport
With our flight leaving Portland at 3:40 this afternoon, we were able to take yet another tourist/shopping combination venture into Portland. First stop was to pet the chicken's which live in the back yard of Veronica's friend and to pick and eat some of her plumbs off of her tree (wow, I can't eat much of this but the bit I had was wonderful). We then headed down to a street known for antique stores. Most of the buildings have plaques on the outside explaining what they were built for a hundred years ago. Had a nice break at the bakery and bought some $15 opera glasses (no case, a bit worn but might be good as part of a steam punk get up).
Panorama of inside of Portland "Sock Dreams" store
Shopping high point was finding "Sock Dreams", an independent store which sells nothing but socks which are designed by the owner. I bought a bunch of pairs for myself: THEY SELL COOL SOCKS FOR MEN!!!!

At the airport, customs and security were all quite friendly today and none of the terminals (Portland and Vancouver) seemed busy so the trip how was quiet. The plans were small and didn't have TVs but William and I watched "Sullivan's Travels" by Preston Sturges on the laptop.


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