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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Vacation 8 - Crazy Shopping Sprees

I am finding it more and more difficult to remember all the things we did on this trip. It seems we accelerated throughout the week, doing more each day. Some highlights today were having breakfast at a French restaurant which had some of the finest baking I've had in months, then going downtown and other places and walking around all over the place, buying little gifts as we found them, then driving thirty miles out of town to the outlet mall where I bought four pairs of Levis (two in "lead" colour), as well as some shirts and a sweater from the Eddie Bower outlet.

We managed to fight the traffic back home in time to eat and go for gelato and to the gaming store "Guardian Games", which is located in a non-descript warehouse location but is jammed with more games than most people could play in a lifetime.

Guardian Games in Porotland

Thomas Phinney waving from Guardian Games


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