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Monday, July 8, 2013

Vacation 5 - Portland - all about eating

It ends up that our hosts kids, Miranda and Fiona, are in Chinese cooking classes this week for three hours per day so today we tried to go out for breakfast with them before they had to go to that. However, taking separate vehicles, we got lost and arrived after they had already finished. Regardless, we had fantastic waffles and french toast and eggs Benedict. We got lost some more trying to find the Asian market where we'd hoped to find some more Japanese dinner plates like the ones we use from Toronto. We found other cool stuff like green tea Kit Kat bars, but not the plates. When we re-connected with the others, we went for frozen yogurt. Having bought into this just a week or two ago, and still not feeling completely recovered from the experience, I ordered a really excellent avocado smoothie.


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