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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Discovering gangsters, Jon Tewksbury, and satanic chocolate in Moose Jaw

We drove to Moose Jaw for an afternoon of Tai Food (at Nit's of course) and touring the gangster tunnels (we have seen the Chinese ones repeatedly but not the gangsters since shorty after they opened in the late 90s. Ran into Jon Tewksbury and wife Dana celebrating their anniversary at Nit's. Congrats to you both. We got gelato and fudge on Main Street (the gelato seems a bit too ice-cream-like for $3.52 per scoop) but the fudge was good so I bought $6.66 worth of turtle and chocolate/orange. 

William, Katherine, Kristin

Jon Tewksbury and Dana Lesiuk
666 cents worth of fudge, the candy of the beast

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