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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Vacation to mountains of Alberta part 3 - Fort McLeod

We left Lethbridge on Sunday and drove towards the mountains. On impulse, we slowed down in front of the fort at Fort McLeod and heard the musical ride in progress. We parked and zipped in to see what we could see, but the event was just ending and wouldn't repeat for two more hours. With some initial resentment from William and myself, we stuck around town, lunching at the Chinese cafe,  walked past their restored shops and theatres on their main street, and searched through an intriguing antique store (the painting of the queen was not representational of all of their wares) and saw the ride. The mounted ride has been running continuous for 41 years, which explains the early 70s music they still use for it. Quite a time travel event.

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