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Monday, August 19, 2013

Filling the gap...

I think I've said this before, but I think I have been loosing my memory. This hasn't worried me much because I have my camera and blog to fill in the gaps. Of course this is flawed, but whose memory isn't flawed? I'm writing this blog entry nine days after the posted date as I comb through photos and notes to try to see what I actually did this day. We arrived home from vacation the night before and I stayed up late doing loads of laundry. George went to work but I'm still on vacation so I'm pretty sure the girls came over because that just makes sense, but I have no photos. When looking through photos I was reminded on one day during the trip when I insisted that William re-learn cribbage. I play standard rules, even though his cousins have been playing some unofficial alternate rules with more cards and more random cards in the crib which leads to more points per hand and a greater level of chance. Anyway, William beat me by one point, certainly the closest game I've had in many years. On the last hand, it was his crib so I got to count first. I needed five points to win and my had had only four so I needed to peg only one point. I am quite good at pegging but miraculously he held me back from pegging. It was quite exciting. 

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