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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sock puppets in Victoria Park, Edgar Wright's new film opens, and John Kennedy hosts fundraiser with "Big Lebowski"

As part of the Dunlop Friday art in the park program, William and I made this sock puppet. It had a hole in it so William had the idea of an eye stalk coming out from the hole so he and I sewed some loose pieces into this. After the park we went to opening day of Edgar Wright's "World's End" which was definitely worthwhile. Fast and fun dialogue, dynamic and stylish fimmaking, action and unpredictably twisted storytelling which mixed real emotions with absurdism. Great mix and thoroughly fun.
John Kennedy as "The Dude"
This evening we walked down to John Kennedy's house where he hosted a fundraiser around the theme of "The Big Lebowski". William hadn't seen it before (I guess it is rated R). Great time, great party. 

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