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Friday, November 15, 2013

Dunlop opening with no parking

I'm sure the freezing rain, which made walking treacherous, and the lack of parking, due to the inexplicably blocking of all metered stalls within two blocks of the library in anticipation of the football event a week from now, were factors in the smaller than average turnout at the Dunlop this evening. The cakes were nice. I spoke with Eric and warned him that he likely has pneumonia. He doubted me, but will keep warm anyway. I got a chance to talk with Blair about the great video art collection she curated last night that Paul and I attended. The work she selected had a distinctively ironic aesthetic, many of the videos containing few, if any, cuts and frequently featuring iconic imagery with meaning subverted through the direct address commentary. We talked about Steve Reinke whom I admire greatly and she has had the opportunity to collaborate with.
Before the opening, Margaret and William went to "Wintergreen" where she got herself a new hat.
Margaret with her new hat

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