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Monday, November 4, 2013

Hello Mr. Peabody, Hello BooBoo! GIFF

Gerald Saul testing David Hoffos techniques
Today it snowed. I should have been able to stay home and finish my grading and all the communications I needed to do with my students, but I realized last night that I needed some hand written notes off of my desk so I slipped and slid all the way to the university. I hit one curb on the way home, and narrowly missed two other accidents. With all that stress, I didn't bother taking photos of the snow. It's not really much, but has ice underneath it all. Now with my grading done for the day, I'm looking forward to an evening of tv (Monday is pretty much our only reliable day we can watch any of our shows). On Friday I set up a video and some toys in a vague replication of David Hoffos's magnificent work with video, sculpture, and reflections. It worked better than usual, probably due to the addition of the laundromat from Sockvile. 

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