Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Back to work on New Year's Day

It almost feels like the only correct response to the inevitable (minor) hangover on New Year's Day, but for the forth year in a row I've spent much of this first day of the year working. Classes are starting very soon and I had to hit some of the books I took out of the university library last week. Margaret and William went out, making the house quiet enough for reading, even though I'm very tempted to watch tv. I'm having a hard time articulating a realistic new years resolution but think I would like to make a series of 12 films, one per month. Short but with more care and substance than my daily films. I would also like to read more, perhaps taking one morning per week to take on a challenging academic article or book chapter.
We did not go to Gertrud's for crepes but instead had leftover Saskatoon pie and whipped cream (awesome combination). Image above is from last night, William moving around the room with a balloon on his head, set of images stitched together. 

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