Monday, January 27, 2014

New animated art for NIC projector

I presented the NIC projector during the grad course today and cut wax paper for everyone to try to make an animated drawing to run in it. The results have potential. I would like to spend some extra time with this and perhaps make something odd and abstract. The colours are rather washed out if you just use a sharpie, so I think they need intense dyes. It seems that the registration of the two images (top and bottom) is sometimes an interesting illusion, but the alternating merged images is equally immersive. My work in progress is pictured above atop an overhead projector which I'd also been discussing, having assigned them to do a projector performance in the nature of works by Daniel Barrow, Shary Boyle, or Kara Walker. I tried to do a demo but was in very poor form today and basically broke down after 30 seconds of improvisation. Tragic. 

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