Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Grain trailer and Grain: Seeds optical soundtrack gif

The Red Dirt International Film Festival, who programmed "Grain: Seeds" in October of last year, is profiling a different film from the festival each day on their Facebook page. It looked like the other filmmakers mostly had trailers so, even though the film is only 5 minutes long, I made a trailer for it. I used the demo music that I videotaped Erik Sirke playing on an old upright piano in the staff lounge on the second floor of the Education Building. I left his image in the standard def mode I must have shot it in (don't know what camera I used) and inserted footage from the good transfer along with overly dramatic text pages.
Video here is a cropped and 90 degree rotated version which emphasizes the image of the optical soundtrack, which I have cropped from the exhibition versions. 

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