Monday, May 11, 2015

Busy day

Very busy day, flitting from place to place. Met with Roland first thing to talk about Ken's contact printer. We disassembled the odd part and reassembled it in the more-or-less correct way. However, it still does not work correctly. Perhaps some minor adjustments...?
I had a coffee with Kevin and talked about how our kids live too safely to gain wisdom. How can they possibly learn how not to fall off a roof?
Dropped off super-8 film at the Filmpool (today was the deadline). Later I began working on the soundtracks for William's and my own.
Went back to London Drugs and insisted that they look for the remote control from the floor model we purchased for Margaret the other day. They looked and they found it. Everyone is happy now.
Watched "Entr'Acte" with William. Funny and inspiring.
Helped William get focused on his homework, interspersing his social studies, math, propaganda, and piano theory with a variety of tv breaks including Harvey Birdman, Orphan Black, UPA animation and Castle.
Couple other things mixed in there as well, but no picture taking. Luckily, Margaret came home with this photo that Belinda took of me in 1989:

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