Monday, May 25, 2015

Saskatoon Media School visit

  I did a quick trip to Saskatoon today to do a workshop with Joel's Media School group. They managed to shoot three rolls of 16mm film (risking heat stroke) and we developed them all, simultanioiusly, in buckets. They all turned out quite well. The development was near perfect and the shooting was fairly good (but for a bit of low light when they went inside and some occassional focus problems). The fasted stage was drying as I got them to remain in their groups (about 6 per) and untangle the film outside without it touching the ground. It was clean and dry within five minues. A great success. This will be the last session with Joel as he is taking a possition at a different school this fall. He's got big shoes to fill. My visits up there have shown me how much he goes above and beyond to mentor his students.
Margaret had to work so I came straight home and had supper with William. There and back in 12 hours.

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