Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sulphuric Acid

Even though I'd hoped to work at home on the super-8 soundtracks, I was back and forth to work twice, the first to get some film to the students, the second time to get the reversal bleach made for the Thursday class. I had thought that Tanya's lab was out of sulphuric acid (necessary for the reversal bleach solution) so I arranged to purchase some. However, the science store was also out of it so I began figuring out how to alter the class this week to do without the bleach. When Tanya looked for the bleach, there was plenty of it -- primarily because it is stored in a different cabinet than the one I thought it was being stored in. Bit of a comedy of errors, but in the end I'm ready. 
I got the soundtracks for William's film as well as my film finished, or at least a first version. I think his needs some tweaking, but I needed him to hear it first. 

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