Thursday, May 7, 2015

First day of Analog Film

I hope I didn't overdue it with the four grad students in my new course, Analog Film, today. We went for about six hours and I didn't even cover all the material I wanted to do for the first week. I am hoping they are all prepared for more of the same in the weeks to come. I think they are as this is a six week course and they should be expected to do double everything.
We began with Lumiere Brothers, looking at some of their work, discussing the rudimentary workings of their camera, and shooting four rolls of film (mostly at the same time) while considering the Lumiere approach. We processed all of the rolls, all as black and white negative even though only one was actually sold as black and white negative. The others are B+W reversal, colour reversal, and colour negative. We have images on everything although the colour reversal was very old and looks fogged. 

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