Thursday, May 28, 2015

IPUFF, coffee developer, improv

Fortunately I got an uninterrupted 5.5 hours sleep last night, otherwise this day would have overwhelmed me.
In analog film class (which took a total of 7 hours), the darkroom water was broken down. We shot some film which I wanted to develop in coffee (the story of the tired dinosaur), a process I've successfully used before, but probably due to the cold water, it completely failed. Very disappointed. Kinescoping with a new, tiny projector was excellent though as the lumens were high and the image small and bright (200 Daylight at F11).
The first event of the evening was the opening of IPUFF where the sixth iteration of the Hansen touring collection of puppet films was shown at the RPL.

William and I rushed from there to the third night of the improv festival. We arrived at intermission so saw the entire second half.

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