Saturday, July 28, 2007

28 Days Later

In the fall of 1987, to promote some Filmpool screenings, me and a couple colleagues shot three TV commercials revolving around the image of the anvil, chosen for purposes of absurdity and for convenience as we happened to have a 175 lb anvil of our own that we purchased for the film Wheat Soup that was premiering around that time, and so there I was, letting machismo get the better of me as I hauled this brutal steel object up a snowy incline not once, but twice, to drop it onto an (unsuspecting) television set below, and then I was surprised to start having strange pains running down my leg in the months that followed that only increased as months passed and flare up from time to time to this day. The last two days have been very painful as this 20 year old back injury is debilitating me once again, but of course it was worth it, we got the shot.

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