Sunday, July 8, 2007

Seventh heaven

Another hot day. Yesterday was actually 36.9 degrees, a record, so the heatstroke I had was not unpredictable. William's caterpillar turned into a moth in his jar. I have never managed to do this, probably due to being impatient or perhaps because mom threw them out before they had time to transform. He set it loose after supper with an audience. I spent part of the day watching cartoons, primarily Batman, with William. I find that many of his shows tend to put me to sleep, probably due to the tones of the voices, the friendly repetition of the music, and the lack of any dramatic tension. This is wonderful when you are having a tired day and you need a nap; you can doze in front of the TV and never feel that you've missed anything. It's Saturday and I think the first day I've really taken off since my sabbatical began.

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