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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Sixth sense.

At 35 degrees, it's too hot to really work so I blew off the day running errands. It's about midnight and my computer room is still at 27 degrees so this must be short, the machine is only adding to the heat. Margaret inflated an eight foot pool and then found a hole in it so we had to go back across town to the big box store, exchange it, and fill it again. It was key to cooling off. We stayed up late watching tv as the bedrooms are upstairs where it is too warm. William started watching "The New Adventures of Batman", the series for 1977 with Batmite in it. I really hated these when I originally saw them, but I was a cynical teenage, not a five year old. We took a break from tv to go outside and tell ghost stories by the pool. This is what William looked like.William fell asleep at 11:30 watching, and enjoying, Laurel and Hardy.

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