Thursday, July 12, 2007


Today was shrouded by another headache, not a migraine but sort of a mega tension/dehydration/neck-ache sort of thing. I was up at 6am, took a mitt full of Advil, watched some Supranos, took some more and put ice on my head, went to work for a few hours (finished the wiring for the Theremin but not the case yet) and took some more Advil so that he headache finally subsided enough that we went and did some berry picking (two gallons of huge, sweet Saskatoon berries at $12 per gallon if you pick your own which we did in about an hour since they were so abundant), and home.
We found a Rob Bos painting (that is a painting by Rob Bos, not just some Rob Bos actually dong a painting) hidden in the alley behind our house, one of his current projects, so we took it and replaced it with another of his paintings from the same text series from our own collection.


Chrystene said...

Wow. Your days are so full and interesting. If you keep up like this your blog is going to be an incredible novel by the end of this 12 months.

I want some Saskatoons.

Unknown said...

that is great, i am excited to see the ways this project can go! cheers,robbos