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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Double luck (or not)

Yesterday William was complaining that all the movies I take him in at the movie theatre are cartoons (even though we went to Fantastic Four the other day, but perhaps it really is more of a cartoon than I perceive it to be) so today he was delighted to go to Nancy Drew which, in my limited perception, seemed more based upon the 1950s movie series (which I recently saw a couple of) than upon the books (as described to me since I rarely get around to reading good books let alone ...), and I suggest this due to the relationship she has with the boy co-star, the lack of the chubby girlfriend, and the preponderance of 1950s style of Nancy's clothes and car. Fun in some ways, not a complete waste of time and curiously not available on dvd for another seven months. My son liked it as he is the right age to find the journey down a secret passageway by flashlight to be highly exciting. Don't we all miss the Munsters?

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