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Sunday, July 15, 2007

the third hand

More house cleaning; I emptied out a closet that has contained the household art supplies, primarily Margaret's paints, brushes, inks, etc, as we are going to move William's bedroom from the small room he is in now into the larger room we have been using as our office/guest room, and during this move/cleaning I found a small plastic container which holds the objects shown above, a number of screws, a couple of 3/4" plates, and a 2" long pin, all surgical steel, and all previously residing in my left hand. Back in 1987 when I was working at IPSCO, a (then) locally based steel mill when my industrial accident took place, leading to three surgical procedures and gave me sufficient worker's compensation to live as an artist for a year or two, I was not as interested in (or perhaps not brave enough for) filmmaking as personal identity. I no longer carry enough trauma about that situation to milk it for a film today, just a blog or two.

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