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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Go forth

The continued construction of the theremin occupied much of my day today. I made good progress, much to the credit of our department technician Roland Bourgeois. Roland is one of our hidden secrets, he keeps the machines afloat and the software (relatively) bug free. His background is in electronics but he has kept up with the changing needs of the department and is very well versed in the maintenance and operation of all of the computer-based aspects of the department, the Avids, the Final Cut Pros, etc. Today he pulled me out of the fire by finding me a replacement resistor and a replacement capacitor that my Theremin kit was missing. He has been hugely generous with his time and experience, teaching me how to solder, lending me tools, and giving me loads of advice. My hat is off to our unsung hero, Roland Bourgeois.

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