Friday, July 20, 2007

keep score

I completed the Theremin today, plugged it in, and it didn't catch fire! I needed to go to the electronics store and buy a new switch because I wrecked one by being too rough with it, and I need to make some adjustments to make it work, but I did get it to create a range of tones using the dials, although not yet by using the antennas. The adjustment instructions are using words that they don't define, so I'll have to put it aside until Roland is back next week.

The other day I registered into terminus, a site where artists can post artwork. I posted a couple of images but there are many others there worth looking at.

Bernie Howgate came to the door this afternoon while I was home with William and his friend. This is the third time I've met this Newfoundland writer who travels the country following the publication of each of his books, selling them door to door. He's got the sort of face or voice or mannerism that makes you want to invite him in, and I did. While I admitted to him that I'd not read his first two books, even though I'd purchased them, that I would take a look at this one. Sitting in the backyard under strong (dry) prairie winds, I read the first two chapters of "Around the Rock in a Bad Mood", they flew by quickly. He relates the tale of travelling around the Rock (Newfoundland) by kayak, of the weather, and of the hospitality. The weather seemed both foreign and familiar, the hospitality required no explanation.

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