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Saturday, July 14, 2007

for teen

The Rob Bos painting is gone! Perhaps it was removed during the set up for the murder/mystery party taking place tonight next door. William and I just came home from the Sylvie Blocher opening at the Dunlop Art Gallery (who was assisted during her production last month by one of our students, Nils Sorenson) and were called over to the party because it seems that one of the guests, a cousin of my next door neighbor, is Drew Reimer, an ex-student of mine and very funny and talented animator. He's a designer and animator now, seems almost respectable (but I know the lurid thoughts he could only express with his cartoons -- blouse button popping fantasies, oh my, oh my!). Nice chat, finally saw the renovations inside their house, wow. Sylvie's show is pretty interesting, Living Pictures with Regina city police officers. I was around while it was being shot as she conducted the video interviews in the recording studio across the hall from my office. She was lucky to get both a participant on her very first day as a police officer as well as another on his very last day before retiring. In the introduction this evening, Sylvie discussed her uncontrollable feeling of guilt whenever a police officer arrests her (her mistake) approaches her (she corrected herself), and how the uniform is an object and makes the wearer into an object who attempts to remain neutral and impartial, even though that is naturally impossible. Our police chief also spoke, reiterating the problems of presenting and representing the police due to the mythologation of the authority of the uniform. A good talk, but it does not give me hope that the mystery of the missing Bos will be solved.

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