Thursday, August 2, 2007

−2,147,483,648 through 2,147,483,647

William says that a hot summer is like spices in a frying pan.

The result of the heat is that we are already picking our apples which are too small and transitioning from green directly to over ripe. It will be apple sauce canning until midnight! Last year we did apple sauce for the first time. It was initially very difficult as we didn't have the right tools. I started to use colanders and sieves and Margaret wanted to go buy the proper device for straining the cooked apples but they didn't seem to have them at the economical places like the hardware and grocery stores, but only at the specialty kitchen boutiques for a price that makes you think very carefully about the price of each jar of resulting sauce. I did without, but when I was going to do a second round with Margaret's mother's apples, my mom asked if I wanted to use her saucer? It was the perfect, classic device, now highly overprices, with a strong metal cone and a solid wooden wedge, and my mom never uses it so now it's mine! The result is that we can process the apples much quicker and more usefully than making juice or cutting them up for pies/baking. We actually ran out of the vast amount of sauce we made last year. We need to sweeten them with some brown sugar because they are "challenging" without.

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