Wednesday, August 15, 2007


William lost his first tooth today. It was pulled actually. It was loose and then about a week ago the adult tooth emerged behind it so he ramped up the wiggling but to no avail, it still didn't come out. He had a dentist appointment today and he really wanted it out as the tooth fairy event weighs heavily on him, so she popped it out for him and let him carry it home in a plastic necklace shaped like a tooth. He has a special pillow with a pocket in it just for this event.

Wikipedia says this about the tooth fairy: "The most commonly accepted belief by academics is the fairy's development from the tooth mouse, depicted in an 18th century French language fairy tale. In "La Bonne Petite Souris", a mouse changes into a fairy to help a good Queen defeat an evil King by hiding under his pillow to torment him and knocking out all his teeth."
I'm not sure how the mouse was supposed to accomplish this task. The only version I've found so far, an English version on line called The Queen and the Mouse does not include the pillow and tooth part. This site contains better info on the tooth fairy.

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