Tuesday, August 28, 2007


For William, today is the last day of summer vacation. That's not as traumatic as it will be when he gets older as he doesn't have that much freedom as it is, and the prospect of meeting a new teacher and new friends and having recess and all that is exciting. I'll miss having him around all day, although I admit I've been looking forward to having the time to accomplish other things, so I spent most of the day doing stuff with him, a dentist appointment because he's got an infection under one of his teeth that had major work on it a couple of years ago and may have to be pulled (its a baby tooth but one that should have stayed for another 3 or 4 years) so they had to do a casting of the tooth to put a filler into the spot until the new one grows in. They use a mint flavoured putty that, gaging from his reaction, was nasty. We did some clothes shopping at Please Mum where I had a hard time attracting assistance even though there were three staff and only two customers, I usually get good help being a man with a child, willing to spend fast and uninterested in extensive shopping. Rented "The Pacifier" (the duck on the cover sold it) and watched it with William, predictable and full of flaws, but passably amusing and befitting but aforementioned midlife crisis. This evening I worked on my "Loose Screw" video, getting another 15 seconds completed so that I just need credits and about 5 more seconds tomorrow, and then a soundtrack.

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