Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Edmonton Crash Pad

William and I went for a big drive today, partially prompted by Elaine Pain giving me a heads up that a grain elevator is being demolished in Cupar, so we headed up there and I shot part of a roll of the crushing of the side building but when I went to change film, part of the pressure plate on the Bolex came apart and I couldn't fix it, so we continued on down the highway and found ourselves in Dysart where Pure Prairie Western Giftware same highway until we reached Fort Q'Appelle where Chrystene Ells was in the middle of her first day of shooting her feature film, one of the finest coffee shops in Saskatchewan happens to be, restful and full of rustic (real rustic, not hovel-rustic or tacky-rustic or worst of all "rustic"-rustic) furniture and items and very nice coffee and then we continued along the "Sisu", although we found out that the location was on the top of a rather high hill, or perhaps more accurately at the top of the valley but that can only be accessed from the bottom so it might as well be a hill, and that William, who complains about not being allowed to take the elevator to the second floor at the university, was likely not going to make it to the top, and therefore we did not visit the set and have only a photo or gardener/entrepreneur Rachel Ursulescu from the Dysart coffee shop to offer you.

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