Monday, February 4, 2008


I spent much of the day putting together a video for my weekly videos. I just uploaded it for the second time to Youtube but I'm not sure it worked. Something is either wrong or very very slow on the Youtube side. I will wait another few hours for it to appear. I'll let you know about it tomorrow.
Got my paperwork/annual information forms in to the office, a few days late and not really proof read, but basically complete. I'll be reviewed for three years at this time next year, so it should be a hefty package. I did find while department head that I would do more and report on less. Before I was head, I made note of every extra meeting with a student and every hour that I spent in a meeting. Once I was drowning in it, I could no longer see the trees through the forest and I reported on almost nothing. The associate dean pointed this out to me, suggesting that peer reviewers wouldn't know what I was doing. I didn't really think that any of them imagined a head to be underworked, but I started making more notes, although never comprehensive.

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