Saturday, February 9, 2008


I spent the morning editing, partially End of Life trimming and changes, partially dance videos. I have two Avids in one room and I roll between them. This afternoon I came home and worked on my updated website, although I'm having so much trouble with the Dreamweaver design tools I might as well be laying it out with a typewriter and a jar of paste. I'm figuring out how to connect elements, but how to make things go onto the page where I want them completely eludes me. I missed the Gordon Monahan opening at the 5th Parallel at the university today but I saw his other opening at Neutral Ground, even though the temperature dropped from -7 to -42 between the two openings. Monahan is an artist in residence in our department and does some incredible audio installations using things like Theremins and modified pianos with new wires strung 50 feet out the back. The last time I saw him was in the summer, June and I sat in on one of his workshops at the sound symposium held here. We talked about Theremins and he's going to take a look at mine tomorrow to see if he can make the final adjustments so that the volume arm will work. We watched Ocean's Thirteen tonight, it was much better than the last one but I'm wondering why none of the female characters were in it and if that made it better or what? William went to school today even though he claimed he didn't like Bingo, which they play every Friday and is usually a strong lure to get him going. He changed his tune after he got his first black out today, the big winner.

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Chrystene said...

Let me know if I can help with Dreamweaver! And by the way, here is at least one link that will let you download from YouTube and other video sites (just copy/paste the URL of the video you want to DL into the bar near the top of the page and it will, in many cases, give you a download option after just a few seconds):