Monday, February 11, 2008


The video I posted to Youtube yesterday was very successful. I also posted the link onto Facebook where I have over 100 friends, mostly filmmakers or film students, and I got over 200 hits within 10 hours. I thought I had posted a previous video a couple of weeks ago to Facebook but I think I messed it up somewhere. When I posted yesterday I got a question and some obvious results that I'd never seen before, so it seems apparent that I'd messed it up last time. I've been trying different things to get videos watched but most don't work well. One thing I did with my last one, "Madonna for Congress" was to post it as a response video to another video that I found. That video was a new clip that had been posted the same day of Madonna doing a speech about UNICEF. At the time I posted mine, the UNICEF video had 2000 hits (an obvious fast riser). A week later, with the link to my video displayed one inch below it, the UNICEF video has 8000 hits but mine still has only 40. While I still stand by this as a great strategy, in practice it must be flawed. Even if one in a hundred viewers clicked on mine, I would have seen 60 hits, but over half of that 40 was probably my regular viewers making the response level closer to 1 in 400. Considering that it took a half hour of my life to find that (seemingly) perfectly situated Madonna video, I think my only recourse is to get lots of mileage whining about my failure.

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