Friday, February 8, 2008


William's new antibiotics in capsules are a bit easier on him but he's still been a bit sick (no more vomiting but problems out the other end instead) so he stayed home again today. He's getting well enough that he's less able to just stay in bed and rest, so he'll have to get back to school tomorrow. He's finally getting the hang of swallowing the capsules. The dentist suggested opeing the capsule and mixing the powder in with jam. This is like what I had to do when I was his age, except with apple sauce. The pharmacist suggested keeping the capsule whole and burying in into a spoonful of ice cream. This seemed like a good idea so we tried it but he just couldn't do it and ended up with the cap in his mouth and the ice cream all gone. Eventually he's got his mouth trained to do it and the last two went down on the first try, just with a mouthful of milk.
Watched 18 minutes of Sisu, it is coming along well. Some issues around different actors, some being better than others, that has limited the ways some scenes can be cut, but it all seems solvable.
We went to see poet/art star John Giorno at the MacKenzie Art Gallery tonight. He was the sleeper in Warhol's "Sleep". The presentation seemed very 1962, although with a 71 year old guy doing what yoú'd expect a 20 year old to be doing, sort of beat poetry stuff. Bold and often funny, it would have felt better with a haze of smoke in the air and at least three drinks in the belly.

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Unknown said...

I'm jealous. We have an art scene in Saint John, but nobody brings in stuff like you are getting at the McKenzie. I guess our population can't draw such events or none of the small art collectives can afford them. I loved the Giorno film - fantastic. Someone might stumble on that and think it was meant to be ironic with an older guy talking like a beat, but you can tell right away that he's been performing that stuff since he was a young man. He still comes across as a rebel. Thanks for posting this.