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Thursday, February 28, 2008


Watched Boewulf this evening with Paul. I couldn't get into it, I found the animated style (I was expecting a live action movie with lots of CG effects, not an entirely animated film) to be distracting. No one seemed grounded, people moved like they were Spiderman, sliding and almost hovering even when they were just supposed to be drinking mead. Overall, the constant feeling that I'd rather be watching Shrek stopped me from connecting with any of the characters (even though it was written by the generally solid Neil Gaiman). A disappointment.

This afternoon I worked with Jade Duckett, helping him to edit his film I'm mentoring him with. Cutting on Imovie was ridiculous but we finally figured out one or two useful approaches that weren't completely time wasting. Unfortunately, Jades first roll of film didn't work out due to a loop being lost in the camera. This meant that the poetic footage of the rooms in his house and his shower curtain that lead up to the fight scene were all lost. Only the fight scene remained. As I may have mentioned previously, he lost his actors who were supposed to fight so he played both fighters. I helped him set it up, getting the camera locked down so that we could do a split screen effect. We had to put that together in Final Cut pro, then export it and bring it into Imovie. It is a bit ridiculous but also quite entertaining. My main contribution today was to boldly put a lot of short edits into the film. I hope Jade can learn to be brave with the footage, jump in and actively work it and manipulate it.

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