Thursday, February 21, 2008


Met with Chrystene today, Sisu is coming along well. She's shooting her pick-ups in a couple of weeks. Still lots of editing ahead. I wanted to remember the comment I made about a scene, that we see Tom through these other guys' eyes because we don't see Tom. Hmmm. Makes even less sense now. I captured more clips for my website today (about 50 more) so I think I have pretty much all the raw material I need to finish it. As with Chrystene's project, still lots of work ahead. i was getting ruthless in trimming the End of Life video, I cut section one down from about 20 minutes to 9. Six more sections to go and I'll have something concise and to the point.
William started swimming with his class today. He'll swim twice per week at school and once with lessons. When I walked down to pick him up from school, there were the usual cars idling. I noticed a disposible coffee cup on the road, obviously discarded by some parent. It seems evident that coffee is the new cigarrette. After school William got his hair cut. In the water it is looking quite long, which I'm not against, but it is getting in his eyes and so far he prefers it shorter. Rushing directly from school to haircut, William really wanted a snack, an ice tea and a peanut butter cup, so I stopped at a confectionery. They didn't have as much of a pop selection as I'd like since most of the cooler was taken up by specialized water. Water has become the new coffee. I barbequed some chicken tonight, the weather was great for it. Reminds me that going outside isn't just for smokers anymore. Cigarettes have become the new water.

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