Monday, February 18, 2008


William got up today thinking about dragons. He wore a dragon shirt and a necklace Margaret assembled for him with a metal crescent shaped earing that could be a dragon tooth hanging on it. He drew a great dragon. Riding on that interest, I took William and Daniel (Leesa's son) to "Water Horse" today, as it is a provincial holiday (family day). Pretty good film. I'm glad the two boys were together, otherwise it might have seemed a bit intense at times. The previews don't indicate much about the WWII setting and the attempt to shoot Nessie with a huge anti-sub gun. Otherwise, it was light fun, well made, and worth my $3.

I uploaded my new "She Said" video. Margaret actually watched this one before it went out. She didn't watch "Make Up Sex" until it had over 600 hits (it just reached 1000 today!) and wonders why people aren't saying anything to her about them. Upon watching today's, it is quite apparent they are not about her. She asked me how I come up with this stuff and I had to name one of my ex's as an inspiration, I guess something good can come out of any situation (if you consider months of pain to be worth a few 45 second long videos on youtube...?)

Thanks Paul for leading me through the SATA issue, I found that it is compatible so I'll install it this week.

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