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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


First thing this morning I took a cab to the hospital for a twice rescheduled liver biopsy I needed to get done. It seems that my biliruben levels in my blood have been higher than average since at least 1990 (the first record my doctor had) and have been rising. He has been eliminating various problems one at a time and finally decided a physical test needed to be done. So what this meant was to first find the exact location of the liver using the CT scanner and capture a few images using that scanner (painless and easy) then with a local anesthetic applied (similar to the needle you'd get at the dentist) a one inch needle is inserted and a few more scans are done that give a bit more information (a bit painful, but mainly just from the initial anesthetic), and then the doctor takes two samples of the actual liver using a thick, four inch long needle tool that grabs a sample. The pieces are about a half inch long and a bit thinner than a standard pencil lead. This was not as painless. I then had to lie in the hospital for four hours to make sure they didn't hit something they shouldn't have (it's really close to the lung for example) and that the bleeding stops. Hurt for at least an hour. What hurt most was that the doctor wouldn't let me take pictures during the procedure, said he needed me to hold still. I imagine that is good, professional advice to prevent me from dying under his care, but who thinks about my professional mandate?

I'm supposed to take it easy for a couple of days. Sat down at the computer this afternoon when I got home to discover that my "Make Up Sex" video got 100 hits overnight. The other videos didn't see much action, so somehow this one got passed around. It is now my biggest seller, bringing my total hits for all my videos close to 1000.

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