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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I spent about half my day working on my website. I finally have the hang of it, making really simple single pages for each of my films and linking them together and connecting photos and videos and other junk to them. I've got about 45 films written up (admittedly mostly cut and pasted from previous writing from the old website and from the dvd material I put together last year). I've got about 20 more films to write up and then get all the articles and curation statements put together. I did put the writing together, but the layout is a disaster so I need to fix it. It looks like I need to capture some more video clips, probably about 20, so that will put a delay in it all. I guess I don't have a deadline, perhaps summer, so I'm probably ahead.

This afternoon we went as a family to the park and looked at how the sculptures are coming along for the Ice and Fire fest this weekend. Margaret is working hard getting workshops and stuff together. I'll be replaying a film clip I made 10 years ago of the walrus and the carpenter for a new performance by Michele Sereda. Its about 30 seconds long. I ran past the office and managed to find a video copy I made from the 16mm, so half my work is done.

Watched "Rise: Blood Hunter", a vampire movie with Lucy Liu this evening. I rather enjoyed it. They never say "vampire" and it avoided clich├ęs. What I liked was that pain was pain, people who were hurt or scared were quite overcome by it, so it seemed real and was never (very) gratuitous.

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