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Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Last night we watched Across the Universe (I bought it, keeping up my collection of Julie Taymor films). I loved it. It was solid eye candy, all the way through. I'm not always into that, except when it is done as well as this. Choreography was amazing. The use of the Beatles songs for nearly the entire soundtrack (not score, but actually all the dialog) worked for me. I grew up with all this music and she found a way to use the words not only to draw upon your memory and nostalgia but to give the words a new context and a new life. These songs were written to be seemingly general (all you need is love, etc) but every person listening to them and connecting with them brings their own specific meaning to them (that song that reminds me of...) . Taymor made every song very very specific, never general. This gave it real heart. To connect to people in general, you need to talk in specifics.

This morning I installed my new 500 gig drive, giving me a full Tb internal now. I don't know how I managed without it.

I helped Margaret set up a Flickr account and upload photos from the Ice and Fire Carnival from the weekend. Check it out here.

I also put about a quarter pound of hair product in and shot a video of myself for my self portrait section of my Warhol series. Here it is (about a minute long and silent).

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