Sunday, May 4, 2008


Last night was nuts, I was so tired I fell asleep at 10 but then woke up with a sore throat at 3:30 and got up and watched half of Blacula which I'd taped the night before. William called out, having woken up and heard the tv, so I went up and slept with him a few minutes then went to bed. I woke again at 6:30 and watched the end of Blacula (he never calls himself that, thankfully, but was named that by Dracula in the 18th century when he was being "cursed". Neither as good nor as bad as I'd hoped. I liked the bar scenes with the comments about his cool cape though. The black and white gay designers who bought Dracula's castle at the beginning were an embarrassing hoot.
We finished the Film Frenzy today. The group I was with, consisting of me, Raoul Cormier a sculptor and musician recently here from Quebec, Ramona Furkert who is rekindling her interest since taking a year of film about 10 years ago, and Debbie Bradford, a creative young woman and mother of a four year old. It was quite interesting (could have been frustrating if I had different expectations) to work with the team, none of whom I'd met before. We all seemed more interested in talking about making a film than actually doing it. This led to hours of discussion. Editing only expounded this situation. We spent six hours putting the footage together today, about four of those were talking about the philosophy of the project, the meaning of the animals and scultures in the shots, Eisenstein's montage theory, surrealism, conflict/non-conflict, and countless other ideas. It took ages to come to consensus. The Filmpool requred other decisions by the end such as a name for our film (Take a few shots on the wild slide) and for our group, which went from "birdbath" to the "birdbathers". We screened the films tonight with Raoul playing live guitar to accompany our film. A jury met and then Jemma Gilboy and Berny Hi announced the winners:

I'm finally back on the cup!!! I was on the winning team for the first two years but then lost on years three and four. Now I'll be on three of the five plaques for this cup. It's built in the classic way so that new tiers can be added, and one already has. Here is the team: L-R: Debbie, Ramona, Raoul, me.
William was in the film so he came, had a good time, took some picures (not this one).

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