Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Today in the darkroom, Eric and I processed the last of the colour film that I've shot, meaning that I am completely caught up in processing my films for the first time since I started teaching at the UofR. The optical printing of super-8 onto vision colour negative is looking good although a lot of the colour print stock looks like it doesn't have much colour range. I got him started telecining all of the recent work onto video. I'll soon be able to put some clips up on the web from the 16mm versions of Modern.
Watched Donny Darko last night. For those who have seen it, it seems at first to be strewn with odd coincidences, not the least of which seemed to be the fact that I watched it after Battlestar Galactic and that the title character's mother is the same actress as the president. Hmmm, how did they plan that...?

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