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Thursday, May 1, 2008


Very busy day, not the least of which was my sudden urge to create a blog for William so that we can periodically post his Lego news. Here it is: William Loves Lego.
At about 3 minutes before 9am this morning, Margaret and I both left the house to walk William to school and to look at the book fair in the gym. When we got back, we'd missed the courier (who claims to have been there at 8:58, even though the 9:00 bell rang when we were just 2/3 of the way to the school which is only 1.5 blocks from our house in a straight line with a clear line of sight). As a result, I didn't get the stock I needed to shoot the next Modern/Warhol films, which wasn't a big deal since Eric called to say he was swamped by the last thing he needed to do for his last job. It gave me time to get all my ducks in a row for shooting tomorrow as well as other necessities such as mixing up reversal bleach over in Tanya's lab for the weekend workshop. I did stay up until 2:30 last night getting the Warhol 15 minutes of famous finished and packaged to dvd, but I have one flaw that I'm going to work on now.

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Unknown said...

Ger, i found your blog and website yesterday while net surfing. I watched your utube videos and told nic about the one called "am I the eggman". I thought it was hilarious. She thought it sounded very much like you guys.