Sunday, May 25, 2008


Another busy day, well not too bad except the conflict in my usually calm Sunday. The Filmpool AGM was this afternoon. I rarely miss these. I think I might have missed 1996 as I was in Toronto on the tail end of my graduate work, but otherwise it is likely that I've attended every one since I joined in 1984. I came to the meeting today in jacket and tie and cut out after 30 minutes to attend Brett Bell and Hildy Bowen's wedding. It was to be outside but needed to move in due to rain, but was still nice. Not as much of the film crowd as I'd been expecting. Didn't know what to get them as they didn't have a registry, but that is explained in their wedding blog - read the first part, quite funny. Anyway, this is the second wedding of Brett's that William has attended, but likely the last. They both have such wicked senses of humor that they are bound to make it. Here they are "sucking face" as they discussed in their blog:

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